How I Use My Phone Series – Nigerian Professionals

Our curiosity about how the working class interact with their mobile devices was the inspiration behind the second edition of the ‘How I Use My Phone’ series.

The ‘How I Use My Phone’ series is an ongoing research project by CcHUB’s Mobile Experience Centre. Through this work, we aim to gather and share data on the pattern of mobile phone usage by different demographics in Nigeria. The first edition is available here for your convenience. We hope this piece of work will contribute to a better understanding of the end-users by our community members and other stakeholders at large.

The infographic below depicts the findings of the survey administered on 1500+ respondents across different sectors in Nigeria.

Perhaps one of the most interesting patterns observed was that internet browsing trumped voice calls and sms as the number one mobile activity.

Can you establish any other interesting pattern from the infographic? Kindly share your observation in the comment box below :-)

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Download Infographic (pdf)