Back to School with re:learn: Announcing our Out-of-School Programmes

All over the country, children in primary and secondary school have settled into the new academic year. The excitement of a new class, new curriculum and possibly new school mates is giving way, as kids get comfortable with their new routines.

Starting next month, we’re excited to announce out-of-school programmes with re:learn – a range of targeted programmes to keep kids engaged all through the year. Regardless of class, age, or experience, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Read on and find out the best programmes to sign up your children for.


re:learn After-School Club: drop your kids off for an hour of programming on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the re:learn Centre. The after-school club is available for students in primary one, up to SS3.

What kids learn: the curriculum is designed to be fun and interactive to keep kids stimulated even after a day at school. Kids learn how to design computer games and animations, create web pages, computer applications as well as programme electronics. Sign up your kid here.

re:learn Gap Year Club:  do you have kids who have completed secondary school, but won’t be starting University till next year? Maximise their gap year and kick-start their career by signing them up for the Gap year Club. With 2 tracks to choose from

What kids learn: We have 2 exciting tracks for them to choose from:

Track 1:  Creating Your Web Presence – this provides a foundation for web development. Students learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript. At the end of this programme each participant will have their own personal websites, as well as a list of portfolio projects they have designed.

Track 2: Programming the World Around You – this track provides a foundation for computer programming and physical computing. Students get to programme lights, buzzers, build computer applications and sending notification messages over the internet. Especially recommended for kids interested in pursuing Computer Science or Engineering degrees, or kids who generally like working with their hands.

Learn more and sign up here.

re:learn Weekend Club: Can’t make time-out during the week? Sign your 5-18 year olds up for 3 hours of fun and learning at the re:learn weekend club. Classes hold all through the month of November, up till the second week in October.

What kids learn: we have hands-on fun, interactive projects for kids to work on. Each weekend kids have new, exciting projects to complete. From measuring the light levels around them, to exploring themes in music, fashion and art with computer programming. To find out more about the weekend club, visit this link here.

So whether on a weekend, a school afternoon, or a few months before life as an undergraduate, re:learn out-of-school programmes are designed to complement the school calendar, while maximising the time kids have.

Open Day at re:learn:

Not sure what to expect or would love to see first-hand interesting projects kids create, then don’t miss the Open Day with re:learn on Saturday, 22th October. Come along with the kids and your questions for an hour of free computer programming lessons. Kids get to try hands on mini projects, ranging from computer animations, games and electronics irrespective of their age or experience. Get your free tickets here.

Be sure you don’t miss out, and don’t forget to spread the word!