2016 Summer of Code Highlights: a Year of Many Firsts

A few weeks ago, the 2016 Summer of Code came to an end. Now in its third year, the Summer of Code is a 4-week, fun, interactive programme to introduce children aged 5-18 years to Computer Science and programming.

2016 was a special year for us, as it was filled with many firsts! To start with, for the first time the Summer of Code ran outside of Lagos. The Summer of Code also held in Abuja, Oyo and Osun. It was also the first time we had over 100+ children participating. We had 128 to be exact, this was almost four times more than our 2015 participants.

To wrap it all up, it was also the first time we hosted a Technology Founder. We had the pleasure of having Facebook Founder/CEO, Mark Zuckerberg meet the kids at the Hub in Lagos, and even view some of their projects!

We’ve captured a few highlights in the infographic below. Read, share and let us know what you think!



P.S You can also download a copy of the infographic directly here, as well as view more pictures from the Summer of Code here.

What Next?
Now that schools have resumed for a new session, we have a number of after-school and weekend programmes lined up. To find out more about programme details and to register your children kindly fill out this form here, and we’ll add you to the mailing list.

About re:learn
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