Our Approach

Open Living Labs at Co-Creation Hub is an open innovation ecosystem where end-users are involved in the co-creation of new services, products and societal infrastructures that improve their quality of life.

Through partnership between citizens, social entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, businesses and public authorities, the CcHUB facilitates the design and prototype testing of tomorrow’s best social innovations in ICT4D in Nigeria.

Open Living Lab manifests in practice as idea mapping sessions, code parties, challenges/competitions and co-creation camps (hackathons). High potential solutions from the labs can be supported to enter the market through our Pre-Incubation Unit.

Over the last 18 months CcHub has run 7 Open Living Labs that have resulted in 15 social technology products/venture being supported to get to market. These Labs include: Social Innovation Camp Nigeria, Tech-In Governance (http://www.cchubnigeria.com/techin/governance), WaterHackathon with World Bank, Tech-in Education (http://www.cchubnigeria.com/techin/education), Culture Shift with British Council, Apps4EDC, Teenage Active Citizenship with Omojuwa.com


Our Open Living Labs model has the following benefits for citizens, government, entrepreneurs and researchers:

  • It empowers citizens, as end-users, to influence the development of innovative services and products that eventually could benefit the whole society
  • It allows government, industry and entrepreneurs to develop, validate and integrate new ideas through partnerships that increase their chances of success
  • It facilitates the integration of technological innovation in society and increase return on investments in relevant research.

Co-Creating with CcHub

CcHub initiates open living labs for individuals and organisations who have spotted a need/challenge for which they require an innovative solution. To enquire about initiating an Open Living Lab email livinglabs@cchubnigeria.com

We are also constantly on the look out for individuals to participate in open living labs around issues they are passionate about. To stay informed about upcoming living labs, sign up for RED membership of the CcHub here