1. Showcase Tuesday 17th March 2015

    Join us on Tuesday, 17th April 2015 at CcHub from 3pm as Dr. Yemisi shares her work on DailyRunAfrica, a health initiative focused on nutrition, sports, fitness and agriculture in Africa through discussions and video documentary.

    Be there, don’t be told! Admission is free!!

    About Showcase Tuesday

    Showcase Tuesday provides an interactive platform for members of the Nigerian technology ecosystem with a prototype or product an avenue to demo their solutions to a like-minded audience from our growing community.

    Showcasing teams will have 15 minutes to highlight:

    • Pain points that their solution addresses
    • Development Tools
    • Brief profile of their team
    • What the future holds

    Showcase Tuesday aims to:

    • Encourage doers to receive feedback from like-minded people from both a business and technology point of view
    • Provide a platform to look at your product/solution through the eyes of other people
    • Get feedback that may be critical in the iteration of your prototype or solution as it finds its best route to market
    • Sand a chance to be considered for pre-incubation and attract possible funding from CcHUB partner organisations
  2. BudgIT Graduates From CcHUB’s Incubation Programme

    We are excited to announce the graduation of the very first venture, BudgIT, from our incubation programme.

    Founders: Seun Onigbinde; Joseph Agunbiade || Launched: 2011 || Name: BudgIT || Sector: Governance || CcHub Programmes Attended: Tech-In Gov; Pre-incubation (Sept 2011 – June 2013); Incubation (July 2013 – December 2014)



    BudgIT’s exciting journey started in 2011 at CcHUB’s first Tech-In Governance competition when  an open call was made for Nigerians to submit creative ideas that had potential to transform citizen participation in governance. At the time Seun Onigbinde, co-founder of BudgIT, worked as a strategy analyst at First Bank Nigeria. He made a last minute decision to enter the competition with an idea to transform public sector data, especially the budget, to a more engaging format. Seun met and was paired with Joseph Agunbiade, his co-founder at the competition.

    After a brief pause following the Tech-in Gov competition, Seun and Joseph set to work on the first iteration of the platform to showcase at CcHUB’s launch in September 2011. Seun recalls that “It was a funny black website with just 3 circles and a bit shameful, but we were encouraged by the CcHUB team that it was good enough to start”. BudgIT joined CcHUB’s pre-incubation programme and officially launched in September 2011, with a press launch set up for them by CcHUB.



    BudgIT’s growth skyrocketed during the Occupy Nigeria movement in January 2012. It was a time that saw Nigerians interested in government spending. It was a key opportunity that BudgIT seized by creating the “Budget cut” app.According to Seun, the CcHUB community played a big role in the app’s creation, “We leveraged on the CcHub community because we did not have a tech team to build the app”, says Seun. The app attracted 4,000 users in 60hrs and BudgIT’s followership grew in large numbers within a short time. They became the fact checker of Nigeria’s budget on social media and the success of the app remains one of BudgIT’s key achievements.


    In the course of its three years of operation:

    • The BudgIT website recorded 1 million hits with over 250,000 unique visitors in 2014.

    • More than 4,000 data requests from online visitors were processed in 2014.

    • BudgIT has gone on to raise over $500,000 from various foundations/organizations such as Indigo Trust, OSIWA, MacArthur foundation, U.S State Department amongst others. It recently received a $400,000 investment from Omidyar Network.

    • Staff numbers have increased, from the original 2 co-founders, to fourteen (14) as at December 2014. In addition, an Advisory board has been set up consisting of six members including Bosun Tijani (Co-founder, CcHUB).



    BudgIT is now independently located on the 3rd Floor, 13 Hughes Street, Alagomeji Junction, Yaba, Lagos. Looking into the future, Seun has a number of interesting plans, one of which is to expand from budget access to tracking through the recently launched Tracka.ng. “I realized it was a value change structure because if you can access the budget but can’t track it, it defeats action at a particular point”, says Seun. Tracka.ng is a network of active citizens who collaborate, track projects in the budget and give feedback to the government and their communities.

    With growth comes responsibility and we believe that the BudgIT team is now more than able to keep growing beyond the support services and facilities offered at CcHUB. Congratulations BudgIT!!

  3. Press Release: CcHUB Launches Geeks Club To Raise A New Generation of Makers

    CcHUB officially launches the Geeks Club, an after-school computing club for secondary school students in Nigeria. Providing a co-curricular outlet, Geeks Club engages students in secondary school and provides them with new tools, resources and skills to creatively express themselves.

    On the 11th of March 2015, with support from Google and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, 150 students selected from 5 public secondary schools across Lagos state will have the opportunity to join the Geeks Club.

    Through the Geeks Club students are introduced to software and hardware programming, thereby creating a new generation of technology users and makers. The curriculum is built around the Raspberry Pi, notable for its versatility and relative affordability, which also provides an exciting, interactive way for kids to learn. Running during the regular academic terms, students are introduced to software and hardware programming using Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python.

    Geeks Club doesn’t just provide students with technical skills, but also lays emphasis on developing their soft skills, skills such as as team-work and collaboration, communication, presentation and project management. Through the well crafted curriculum and curated projects, students are also able to enhance their critical reasoning abilities. At the end of the programme students come away well-rounded. In addition, students who have an interest in pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related careers have an additional advantage from the head-start provided by Geeks Club.

    On a much larger scale, Geeks Club provides an opportunity to further bridge the digital divide by providing the skills and technology critical for raising the right innovators, capable of contributing to the development of their society, by creatively expressing themselves. Through our partnership with Google and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Geeks Club is available for free, to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, thereby reducing the effects of the economic gap and providing these students with a more equal footing in life.

    The launch details are as follows:

    Date:    11th March, 2015

    Venue:  Mobile Experience Lab, Ground Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba

    Time:    12:00 p.m – 2:00 p.m

    If you would like to find out about volunteer opportunities available at Geeks Club, about running Geeks Club in your school or about possibilities for partnership kindly reach out to us at mxlab[@]cchubnigeria.com


    About Co-creation Hub (CcHUB)

    Co-Creation Hub Nigeria is a social innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. We leverage a community of progressives – software developers, organizations, government officials, businesses, academics etc who bring their creativity and knowledge into play in crafting novel ways to address the myriads of social and economic challenges that impact the lives of Nigerians every day. These stakeholders form the core of the community of people interested in positively impacting Nigeria that we are building. This community interacts through our online platform and physically at the CcHUB space in Yaba, Lagos. For more information, visit www.cchubnigeria.com

  4. Growth Hacking at CcHUB: The Maiden Edition


    As is the case with any business, growing a technology solution’s user base and generating revenue are core to determining sustainability and long term impact. Accordingly, CcHUB launched a program called ‘Growth Hack days’ derived from the concept of Growth Hacking (a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to drive growth). Growth hack day is a full day set aside for CcHUB portfolio companies to focus on implementing one idea that will help grow their ventures through acquisition and retention using data intelligence and limited advert spend. 

    The first Growth Hack Day held on January 29, 2015 with five (5) CcHUB portfolio companies namely Traclist, Genii games, VacantBoards, Truppr and Wecyclers.  Growth hack days will feature an invited guest; someone with proven expertise in growing and managing a large user base of a reputable company. For the maiden edition, Adia Sowho, Head of Digital Media at Etisalat Nigeria, joined participating teams for the session.

    IMG_1121 copy

    Adia Sowho


    The first half of the day kicked off with a thirty minute presentation on Growth Hacking followed by a brainstorming session. Each founder gave an overview of their platform which included goals, key metrics and challenges. Each team then received feedback and insights from their peers and our invited guest – Adia Sowho. At the end of the brainstorming session, each start-up chose one (1) idea to build and implement in the second part of the day together with a measurable target.

    IMG_1071 copy

    Emotu, Co-founder (Traclist.com) giving his presentation.


    The second part of the day saw start-ups build their hacks, test and go live. To add a bit of competition and make it interesting, there was a  prize for the first team to implement their hack. Truppr (the social tool that connects YOU to events and people to help make regular exercise a lifestyle) won the prize while Genii Games placed second.

    The hacks are being tracked for the next 30 days to enable participating teams measure the effectiveness of the ideas. In all, it was an insightful day as feedback and engagement was rich. The team which achieves its hack target will be recognized as start-up of the month and will hold bragging rights until the next growth hack day.

    Growth Hack days will hold every last Thursday of the month in 2015 with the next session scheduled to hold on Thursday 26, February 2015.

    See more photos from the Hack day here 

  5. Showcase Tuesday 24th February 2015

    Showcase Tuesday provides an interactive platform for members of the CcHUB community with a prototype or product to demo to a like-minded audience from our growing tech community.

    Showcasing teams will have 15 minutes to highlight:

    • Pain points that their solution addresses

    •Development Tools

    • What the future holds

    Join us on Tuesday, 24th February 2015 at 3pm as the Confamng team will be in the room to share their work with us.

    Confamng.com is a background checks and verification service that provides users with a one stop, online (web and mobile-based) platform for quick verification of information and documents available to them as a basis for their everyday business decision making.
    Amongst other things, the service seeks to bridge the absence of a reliable, easy-to-use reference platform to help you with making informed purchasing decisions.

    At 3:30pm, the Giddiphones team will be demoing their platform to the community. Giddiphones seeks to be the number 1 classified ads site for mobile phones.

    At 4:00pm, we will be hosting Dovipay, an airtime payment solution that allows merchants to set up airtime billing (MTN, Glo, Etisalat or Airtel) mechanism on their website, android or window’s apps. An interesting twist to the payments space here in Nigeria.

    Showcase Tuesday also provides an avenue for showcasing teams to pitch to get into our Incubation portfolio where they can access our Incubation Fund.

    It promises to be fun.

    See you there.