1. Rancard Offers Scholarships To Students For KidsZone ‘Summer of Code’

    The KidsZone Summer of Code programme is designed to introduce kids to computer programming using the Raspberry Pi as a learning tool. The primary focus of the programme is to empower kids to contribute to the world of technology by providing  them with the skills to create their own games, applications and other software/hardware projects.


    While we aim to grow a new generation of makers by providing an avenue for kids to learn and express their creativity, we believe that as much as possible, economic considerations should not hinder any child from having the necessary knowledge and skills to unleash their innate creativity. Digital inclusion is especially important to ensure that the technology ecosystem as a whole meets its full potential. It is therefore necessary to ensure people – kids and adults alike, regardless of their economic backgrounds, have the necessary tools and skills to become makers of technology.

    To this end CcHUB has partnered with Rancard to provide scholarships to 10 students from low-income households, who otherwise would not have been able to participate in the programme. The scholarship will cover tuition, refreshments and a personal Raspberry Pi Starter Kit.

    To apply for a scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

    • Be between the ages of 9-14 years
    • Ideally be enrolled in a public primary or secondary school
    • Be available throughout the duration of the program to attend the weekly sessions
    • Be interested in technology

    Successful participants will be selected after an assessment test and interview which will hold this Saturday, the 26th of July.

    Additional details include:
    Venue: Co-Creation Hub, Ground Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba. Lagos
    Time: 12:00 p.m – 3:00 p.m

    Parents can register their kids online or by sending an SMS with their child’s name, age, class and gender to 08029010002.

    For further inquiries reach out to us at kidszone@cchubnigeria.com.


  2. Give Your Kids A Taste of ‘Pi’ This Summer

    The summer holidays are fast approaching, indeed for some kids, depending on which school they attend the holidays are already here. Kids have spent the past couple of months attending classes almost every day of the week and now the term is out. This means kids have tons of free-time on their hands and parents are left with seeking for fun, engaging and rewarding activities to occupy their kids over the summer. This summer is no different; and parents have already begun to look for the best ideas to make the summer exciting. At the CcHUB, we have one of our own that could switch things up a bit. Here’s the idea…

    How about giving them a taste of Raspberry Pi this Summer – no pun intended.

    At our KidsZone ‘Summer of Code’ programme kids between the ages of 9-14 years will have an opportunity to learn how to program and build projects using the Raspberry Pi. Kids of today have no problem finding their way around their parents iPads and phone apps, a couple of them even have their own tablets and phones; but we aim to empower kids with the skills and confidence to not just see themselves as users of technology but to begin to see themselves as ‘makers’ of technology.

    Apart from learning new skills at the end of the programme kids will have found a new avenue to express their creativity through the practical coding sessions. In addition to this, kids will work in groups to complete projects thereby enhancing their teamwork, communication and presentation skills. To wrap it all up, at our Demo day kids will have the opportunity to showcase the projects they’ve worked on over the summer to parents and their friends.


    25 kids will be enrolled for this summer session. The curriculum will cover programming in Scratch and Python as well as building Raspberry Pi projects. Children need no special prior technical knowledge – just an open eager mind. Further programme details include:

    Start Date: 22nd July
    Venue: Co-Creation Hub: Ground Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba
    Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Days: Tuesdays and Fridays

    To register your child simply complete this form or get in touch with us at kidszone@cchubnigeria.com for further inquiries.

    Let’s make this summer awesome together!

    P.S You can also check out some pictures from some of our earliest KidsZone sessions at the Hub or view what kids in other parts of the world are doing with their Raspberry Pis.

  3. Showcase Tuesday: 8th July 2014

    Join us on Tuesday, 8 July 2014 at CcHub from 3pm as representatives from Mall for Africa share with the community what their platform with us.

    MallforAfrica is an App that gives you access to over 80 UK and US stores, shop on them and delivers to you in Nigeria. The App is available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms.

    Showcase Tuesday provides an interactive platform for members of the Nigerian technology ecosystem with a prototype or product an avenue to demo their solutions to a like-minded audience from our growing community.

    Be there. Don’t be told. Admission is free!

    Showcasing teams will have 15 minutes to highlight:

    • Pain points that their solution addresses
    • Development Tools
    • Brief profile of their team
    • What the future holds

    Showcase Tuesday aims to:

    • Encourage doers to receive feedback from like-minded people from both a business and technology point of view
    • Provide a platform to look at your product/solution through the eyes of other people
    • Get feedback that may be critical in the iteration of your prototype or solution as it finds its best route to market
    • Stand a chance to be considered for pre-incubation and attract possible funding from CcHUB partner organisations


  4. Women R.I.S.E Info Session: From Zero to Tech Entrepreneur


    Earlier this year, we introduced a high impact program that CcHUB, with support from Google, is designing to address the needs of female technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria. This program will empower female tech entrepreneurs with necessary resources and support, including capacity building and product development, to grow successful businesses.

    Join us on Friday, 20 June 2014 at 5.30pm for an information session on the Women R.I.S.E program. Find out the application process, how to get shortlisted and what’s in it for you if you get in. During the information session, we will have 2 female technology entrepreneurs join us in a panel style discussion to share their experiences and answer questions from the audience.

    Register here to attend this information session. Right after the event, we will officially open the call for applications page to the public. The CcHUB team will also be on hand to provide more information and answer questions related to the program.

    Get more details on the Women R.I.S.E program HERE or email info (at) cchubnigeria (dot) com.

    Event Details

    Date: Friday, 20 June 2014

    Time: 5.30pm – 7pm

    Venue: Co-creation Hub Nigeria. 6th floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

    See you then!

  5. How CcHUB is mixing things up at Mobile West Africa 2014

    Two initiatives, led by Co-Creation Hub, are going to add new dynamics to this year’s conference (and they involve two of the things I’m most passionate about: industry growth and football).

    I’m always working to ensure that we try new things at my events, such as driving interaction through a new format, making networking easier through roundtable seating, shortening presentation times, providing proper open bars during receptions, and finding speakers that aren’t what we in the trade describe as “conference jockeys”.  So when I had an initial chat with ‘Bosun I was really pleased that we hit on a couple of ideas to mix things up at this year’s Mobile West Africa 2014.  Here’s an overview:



    Together, we’re going to create an area at the event where up to 10 start-ups will be able to promote themselves, their companies and the products and services that they’ve created.

    It’s always been my intention to make Mobile West Africa a progressive forum and driving exposure for the younger and smaller companies is key to that.  I see this as being an additional way for the conference to achieve this aim.



    After 3 days of being indoors, even in the superb surroundings of the Four Points, I’ll be climbing the walls to get out.  When the idea of organising a (friendly) football tournament, on the evening of Thursday 15 May, was suggested I jumped at it.

    Admittedly, I’m much more of a Jan Molby than a John Obi Mikel these days, but I think the tournament is going to be a brilliant way of finishing the conference (and yes, I am bringing my shin-pads as ‘Bosun has said I’m going to be shown how to play the “Naija way”).  Players at all skill levels are welcome.  You can reserve tickets here.



    In short, it would be great to have you there and involved in any way possible.   All friends of the CcHUB are entitled to a 20% discount.  The promotional code for this is 1MWACCH – use it when you register at www.mobilewestafrica.com.

    Plus, if you represent a start-up or are an independent app developer you can contact me on info@allamber.co.uk to apply for a 50% subsidy.  However, if you’d just like to attend the Mobile Marketing Focus Day, or would like more information on getting involved in the Start-Up Zone then please do get in touch by email. I hope to hear from you and see at some point during the conference.



    Founder & CEO, All Amber