1. Made in Lagos with love, Nigeria’s first Ride sharing platform launches

    On any given day moving around our beloved city, Lagos, can be frustrating, from traffic to unreliable commercial transport. With the addition of fuel scarcity, navigating the city has become unbearable. Despite waiting for ‘change’ we can ease our frustrations by joining JEKALO.

    Arriving just in time, JEKALO, is an online platform where you can share a ride with someone going along the same route as you. Whether you are a ride owner or a passenger, JEKALO is a convenient and affordable way to get home this evening, to your next meeting or for afterwork drinks.

    If you own a ride, you can earn rewards by offering rides and for the days you do not want to drive, you can always join someone else’s ride.

    Worried about your safety? We have that sorted! All members on JEKALO are verified and ride offers are screened before being published.

    For a certain period, starting today, The first 30 are FREE and for every successful ride, ride owners will get REWARDS such as, airtime, cash, fuel vouchers and more.

    After the promo period, fees for joining a ride will be calculated based on distance. The amazing thing is, the amount you pay on JEKALO is about the same price as using a commercial bus and cheaper than a taxi.

    Don’t wait any longer…. Share a ride on JEKALO.com today and join the ride sharing revolution!

  2. Press Release: Grit Systems, Mamalette and Autobox Join Our Incubation program


    Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), Nigeria’s first social innovation centre based in Lagos, announced Monday that three (3) new ventures were admitted to its Incubation program. They will each receive seed funding ($15,000 – $25,000), mentoring, business development support and office space critical to their quest to find repeatable business models that can rapidly grow their business.

    They include CcHUB’s first Internet of things (iOT) venture, an online community for mothers & mothers-to-be and a platform for car owners to buy genuine auto parts & discover all things motoring.

    GRIT Systems develops web-enabled technology for controlling and gathering data about household & commercial electrical power consumption.

    Mamalette is a platform where Nigerian mothers and mothers-to-be interact to provide mutual support and community throughout the motherhood experience

    Autobox is a platform for car owners to discover & purchase genuine auto parts and find tips on everything motoring.

    Since inception in 2011, CcHUB has worked with over fifty (50) early stage ventures through its pre-incubation and incubation programs. Grit Systems, Mamalette and Autobox join a pool of exciting ventures in the portfolio including Traclist, Truppr, Wecyclers and Vacantboards. CcHUB in December 2014 graduated BudgIT, the first venture in its incubation portfolio.

    About Co-Creation Hub
    Co-Creation Hub (www.cchubnigeria.com) is Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space designed as a multi-functional, multi-purpose space where work to catalyze creative social tech ventures take place. The HUB serves as a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors and hackers in and around Lagos to co-create new solutions to Nigeria’s social problems.

  3. Call For Ideas

    Calling all entrepreneurs – CcHub’s Call for Ideas is open! 

    Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) is a launch pad for start-ups, transforming ideas to sustainable ventures that solve real Nigerian problems. To date CcHub has supported the development and launch of more than 50 innovative technology startups solving social challenges in Nigeria.


    Will the next golden idea come from you?

    You can submit an innovative idea that solves a real Nigerian problem to the CcHub Call for Ideas for up to $25,000 in investment as well as networks and market entry support to get you kick-started.

    The aim of the programme is to encourage the development of Nigerian led solutions for real Nigerian problems, focusing on six key areas – Governance, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Food Security and the Environment.

    We believe that by engaging a community of progressive stakeholders (end-users, subject matter experts, government agencies, businesses, academics, civil societies etc.) who bring their creativity and knowledge to play we can co-create solutions to social challenges faced by the average Nigerian.

    These are our 5 tips for creating innovative solutions:

    1. Solve ONE clear problem: focus on one problem and not many

    2. Understand the problem: observing the environment, infrastructure, culture and lives of people by being there.

    3. Think creatively: start big, use constraints as a filter and find the simplest solution.

    4. Identify a service gap: is there a service that isn’t being provided or not being provided to a satisfactory manner

    5. Deliver value: what are the benefits for people using the end product, does it improve a persons life?


    Submit an Idea

    Ideas should be submitted here by Sunday 31 May 2015. Ideas will be assessed by a panel, and those whose ideas are selected will be invited for an interview. Following this, the most viable ideas will be taken into the CcHub Pre-Incubation and Incubation Programmes.

    1000 ideas have walked through our doors but is yours the one that will make it through and stick?

  4. BudgIT Graduates From CcHUB’s Incubation Programme

    We are excited to announce the graduation of the very first venture, BudgIT, from our incubation programme.

    Founders: Seun Onigbinde; Joseph Agunbiade || Launched: 2011 || Name: BudgIT || Sector: Governance || CcHub Programmes Attended: Tech-In Gov; Pre-incubation (Sept 2011 – June 2013); Incubation (July 2013 – December 2014)



    BudgIT’s exciting journey started in 2011 at CcHUB’s first Tech-In Governance competition when  an open call was made for Nigerians to submit creative ideas that had potential to transform citizen participation in governance. At the time Seun Onigbinde, co-founder of BudgIT, worked as a strategy analyst at First Bank Nigeria. He made a last minute decision to enter the competition with an idea to transform public sector data, especially the budget, to a more engaging format. Seun met and was paired with Joseph Agunbiade, his co-founder at the competition.

    After a brief pause following the Tech-in Gov competition, Seun and Joseph set to work on the first iteration of the platform to showcase at CcHUB’s launch in September 2011. Seun recalls that “It was a funny black website with just 3 circles and a bit shameful, but we were encouraged by the CcHUB team that it was good enough to start”. BudgIT joined CcHUB’s pre-incubation programme and officially launched in September 2011, with a press launch set up for them by CcHUB.



    BudgIT’s growth skyrocketed during the Occupy Nigeria movement in January 2012. It was a time that saw Nigerians interested in government spending. It was a key opportunity that BudgIT seized by creating the “Budget cut” app.According to Seun, the CcHUB community played a big role in the app’s creation, “We leveraged on the CcHub community because we did not have a tech team to build the app”, says Seun. The app attracted 4,000 users in 60hrs and BudgIT’s followership grew in large numbers within a short time. They became the fact checker of Nigeria’s budget on social media and the success of the app remains one of BudgIT’s key achievements.


    In the course of its three years of operation:

    • The BudgIT website recorded 1 million hits with over 250,000 unique visitors in 2014.

    • More than 4,000 data requests from online visitors were processed in 2014.

    • BudgIT has gone on to raise over $500,000 from various foundations/organizations such as Indigo Trust, OSIWA, MacArthur foundation, U.S State Department amongst others. It recently received a $400,000 investment from Omidyar Network.

    • Staff numbers have increased, from the original 2 co-founders, to fourteen (14) as at December 2014. In addition, an Advisory board has been set up consisting of six members including Bosun Tijani (Co-founder, CcHUB).



    BudgIT is now independently located on the 3rd Floor, 13 Hughes Street, Alagomeji Junction, Yaba, Lagos. Looking into the future, Seun has a number of interesting plans, one of which is to expand from budget access to tracking through the recently launched Tracka.ng. “I realized it was a value change structure because if you can access the budget but can’t track it, it defeats action at a particular point”, says Seun. Tracka.ng is a network of active citizens who collaborate, track projects in the budget and give feedback to the government and their communities.

    With growth comes responsibility and we believe that the BudgIT team is now more than able to keep growing beyond the support services and facilities offered at CcHUB. Congratulations BudgIT!!