1. Growth Hacking at CcHUB: The Maiden Edition



    As is the case with any business, growing a technology solution’s user base and generating revenue are core to determining sustainability and long term impact. Accordingly, CcHUB launched a program called ‘Growth Hack days’ derived from the concept of Growth Hacking (a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to drive growth). Growth hack day is a full day set aside for CcHUB portfolio companies to focus on implementing one idea that will help grow their ventures through acquisition and retention using data intelligence and limited advert spend. 

    The first Growth Hack Day held on January 29, 2015 with five (5) CcHUB portfolio companies namely Traclist, Genii games, VacantBoards, Truppr and Wecyclers.  Growth hack days will feature an invited guest; someone with proven expertise in growing and managing a large user base of a reputable company. For the maiden edition, Adia Sowho, Head of Digital Media at Etisalat Nigeria, joined participating teams for the session.

    IMG_1121 copy

    Adia Sowho


    The first half of the day kicked off with a thirty minute presentation on Growth Hacking followed by a brainstorming session. Each founder gave an overview of their platform which included goals, key metrics and challenges. Each team then received feedback and insights from their peers and our invited guest – Adia Sowho. At the end of the brainstorming session, each start-up chose one (1) idea to build and implement in the second part of the day together with a measurable target.

    IMG_1071 copy

    Emotu, Co-founder ( giving his presentation.


    The second part of the day saw start-ups build their hacks, test and go live. To add a bit of competition and make it interesting, there was a  prize for the first team to implement their hack. Truppr (the social tool that connects YOU to events and people to help make regular exercise a lifestyle) won the prize while Genii Games placed second.

    The hacks are being tracked for the next 30 days to enable participating teams measure the effectiveness of the ideas. In all, it was an insightful day as feedback and engagement was rich. The team which achieves its hack target will be recognized as start-up of the month and will hold bragging rights until the next growth hack day.

    Growth Hack days will hold every last Thursday of the month in 2015 with the next session scheduled to hold on Thursday 26, February 2015.

    See more photos from the Hack day here 

  2. Showcase Tuesday 24th February 2015


    Showcase Tuesday provides an interactive platform for members of the CcHUB community with a prototype or product to demo to a like-minded audience from our growing tech community.

    Showcasing teams will have 15 minutes to highlight:

    • Pain points that their solution addresses

    •Development Tools

    • What the future holds

    Join us on Tuesday, 24th February 2015 at 3pm as the Confamng team will be in the room to share their work with us. is a background checks and verification service that provides users with a one stop, online (web and mobile-based) platform for quick verification of information and documents available to them as a basis for their everyday business decision making.
    Amongst other things, the service seeks to bridge the absence of a reliable, easy-to-use reference platform to help you with making informed purchasing decisions.

    At 3:30pm, the Giddiphones team will be demoing their platform to the community. Giddiphones seeks to be the number 1 classified ads site for mobile phones.

    At 4:00pm, we will be hosting Dovipay, an airtime payment solution that allows merchants to set up airtime billing (MTN, Glo, Etisalat or Airtel) mechanism on their website, android or window’s apps. An interesting twist to the payments space here in Nigeria.

    Showcase Tuesday also provides an avenue for showcasing teams to pitch to get into our Incubation portfolio where they can access our Incubation Fund.

    It promises to be fun.

    See you there.

  3. 8 Reasons to Own a Raspberry PI


    Since conception, the Raspberry Pi has constantly been in the spotlight; the most recent being the release of the Raspberry Pi Model 2. The Raspberry Pi has been touted for its versatility and portability; proof of which can be seen by the projects demoed at the December Raspberry Jam. In addition to its versatility and portability, here are 8 more reasons why you should get yourself a Raspberry Pi.

    1. Learn to Code: The Raspberry Pi is a great tool to get started with coding. Open-source in design, the Raspberry Pi can be used to learn in multiple ways, From learning through DIY projects to solving minecraft problems in python, learning can become as fun as you can imagine it to be. There are lots of online resources to get you started on python, ruby, Java and lots more using the Pi.

    2. Perfect For the Tech Hobbyist: The Raspberry Pi is ideal for experimenting with DIY ideas you want to piece together for household or office improvements. Check out interesting ideas that have been hacked together.


    3. From Hardware to Business: Are you working on turning a hardware product into a business? Scalability is an area that you will need to address. The raspberry pi is a cheaper approach to mass produce your solution. Emerging hardware startups in Nigeria such as Dawnfuel & Otomatik server created pi-powered products.

    Energy/Power Monitor

    4. University Final Year Project: Are you studying an engineering/computer science course, in your final year and looking for the ideal project idea? The raspberry pi is a low-cost microcontroller for embedded projects. Check out Mubarak Abdu-Aguye’s final year project in this video.

    5. Dynamic Teaching Experience: The Raspberry Pi provides an exciting new experience  as well a robust platform for students to learn to express their creativity. Through the Raspberry Pi kids can create their own games, animations and even hardware projects.

    6. Getting your kids interested in programming: As a Parent, would you like to get your kids interested in programming? The Raspberry Pi Deluxe Kit is perfect, complete with educational add-ons (an introductory book, a DIY project, all accessories needed to get started).

    7. Be an enabler: Inspire others into the culture of creating & making. The Raspberry Pi is open source, and there’s a lot of content online to get everyone going. Order a Kit for a sibling, friend or a mentee; as they engage with the Pi, it will develop their skills & creativity.

    8. Entertainment system. In as much as the Raspberry pi is ideal for hacking ideas together, it’s also a very good consumer product. You can set it up as a personal computer (send emails, surf the network, use a spreadsheet), or as a multi-media box turning your TV into a smart TV. With a smart TV, you can watch movies from a hard drive or stream your favorite videos on YouTube.

    In summary the Raspberry Pi is a very multifunctional device which can satisfy a range of needs (business, entertainment, educational). If you or anyone you know relates to any of these 8 reasons, I urge you to order a Raspberry Pi today!

    For large orders or for more info kindly send an email to

  4. #CcHub: Open Data Energy Challenge


    Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.39.16 AM


    Running a business in Nigeria has its fair set of challenges. We are constantly seeking innovative ideas in our use of technology to provide creative solutions to the many social problems that abound in our space.

    Our next challenge is to creatively find alternative power sources to power our 4-floor facility here in Lagos.

    We would like to make informed, creative data-driven decisions. We are partnering Dawnfuel, a social venture energy-focused startup to monitor, collect and open up data on energy usage in our facility. You can find that data here.

    Feel free to use, reuse and redistribute it. Got any interesting ideas, send us an email at

  5. Expression of Interest To Tender- Cafe services


    Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) – the premiere Social Innovation Centre in Nigeria invites expression of interest (EOI) from competent café catering vendors to undertake delivery of quality café services that meet the standard of a tech environment.

    As part of its community engagement program, CcHUB intends to set up a café and outsource the catering services to a creative and suitably qualified vendor. This café is to be located at the Co-Creation Hub (Rooftop), 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo-Yaba.

    If you are interested and you think you have the technical and commercial capability in response to this request. Please download the expression of interest (EOI) to tender document via the link HERE and reply with the necessary documentation, and information on or before Friday, February 6th  2015.