1. Sarelo Your Online Market Assistant Wants to Give You The Freshest Foodstuff at The Best Prices


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    Monday 18th December, 2017. Lagos, Nigeria. Sarelo, is a Nigerian technology startup that is already garnering attention as the 21st century market assistant. Sarelo which officially launched on Wednesday 13th December is on a mission to help Lagosians manage their time productively by relieving customers of the stress of going to the market for fresh foodstuff.

    In 2016, Sarelo emerged as one of the 10 successful tech startups from the Next Economy Accelerator, a 3-month accelerator to help grow early stage businesses in Lagos into profitable and sustainable enterprises to stimulate the creation of jobs in Nigeria. Since being founded, Sarelo has been receiving incubation support from Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), Nigeria’s leading social innovation centre.

    According to Yemisi Akinseye, an Accounting graduate of Yaba College of Technology and founder of Sarelo, ‘Sarelo is for a person who loves to cook with fresh organic foodstuff but is faced with the challenge of too little time or put off by the stress of going to the market. The reality is that most people will like to prepare their meals with the freshest market produce. However, Lagos is such a busy and tough city, and the nature of jobs and adopted lifestyle does not allow this. Through Sarelo, this is the solution we are solving. We want Lagosians to be able to enjoy fresh foodstuff at the best prices delivered to their doorsteps. We are happy to be the go to ‘market assistant’.

    ‘Making life better is at the heart of our mission at CcHUB and this is what makes Sarelo an exciting venture to support. Sarelo has identified and is meeting a need that is all too real to the average Lagosian. We are excited to watch the progress Sarelo makes in the coming years’ says ‘Bosun Tijani, CEO and co-founder, CcHUB.

    Following its launch, Sarelo is open and taking orders via its website Now, Lagosians can simply order for fresh foodstuff from the comfort of a mobile or laptop device, and have it delivered same day at their homes. Making a home cooked meal does not have to be a tedious endeavour.

    About CcHUB

    CcHUB is a social innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. The technology hub is the first in Nigeria to serve as an Open Living Lab in which user-driven innovation is fully integrated in the co-creative process of new services, products and societal infrastructures. For more information, visit

  2. Participate In The #CleanEnergyChallenge And Receive $10k in Pre-seed Funding!



    The Clean Energy Innovation Challenge is an open innovation challenge to find and support early stage sustainable energy innovators to get their ideas (working prototypes) off the ground as sustainable businesses and on track for growth.

    We are seeking innovative ideas for delivering affordable, reliable and sustainable energy through new sources for low income households, SMEs and communities.

    All On is launching the Clean Energy Innovation Challenge, in partnership with Co-Creation Hub to facilitate increased access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy sources for low income households, small and medium scale enterprises, and communities.

    All On works with partners to increase access to commercial energy products and services for underserved and unserved off-grid energy markets in Nigeria, with a special focus on the Niger Delta.

    The Clean Energy Innovation Challenge aims to unearth and support energy innovators across Nigeria who may have solutions that:

    1. Deliver affordable, reliable and sustainable energy through new sources

    2. Use innovative business models to improve access to clean energy

    3. Use creative financing models to increase access to clean energy

    4. Reduce energy wastage across the value chain

    5. Save cost for producers, distributors or consumers of energy


    Entries will be accepted from 11th December 2017 to 2nd February 2018.

    To apply for the Clean Energy Challenge visit

    For more information about All On, kindly visit

  3. 15 Selected Startups For The Make-IT Accelerator!


    make-IT logoWe are excited to announce the 15 startups that have been selected for the Make-IT accelerator kicking off in January 2018.

    Over 280 applications from startups across Africa and 2 selection stages after, the Make-IT accelerator is set to bloom come January 2018.

    The Make-IT program in Africa aims to promote digital innovation for sustainable and inclusive development in sub-saharan Africa. The program is implemented by the German International Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as part of BMZ’s Digital Africa Initiative.

    Additionally, the Make-IT accelerator is designed to strengthen entrepreneurs’ skills for scaling their innovation and achieve growth, cooperation and investment readiness. The accelerator is being implemented in Nigeria and Kenya in collaboration with Endeva, CcHUB (Nigeria) Gearbox and Nailab (Kenya).

    Through the accelerator, up to 60 entrepreneurs would get access to a 9 month capacity development program with benefits including;

    i. Individual scaling plans and master classes to acquire ‘growth readiness’ in a 3-month accelerator

    ii. Corporate partnerships, training and exposure events to acquire ‘cooperation readiness’

    iii. Bootcamps and mentoring to acquire ‘investment readiness’

    The selection process was in 2 stages. The first involved the shortlisting of 30 startups (per country) to undergo a physical selection in Lagos and Nairobi by an international jury made up of the Make-IT implementation team, reps from implementing hubs and experts from Africa and Europe. And the second stage, designed to provide value for all shortlisted startups adopted three grading categories – Peer to peer pitches, workshop scoring and interview before a local 8 member jury. It was at the stage that the final 15 startups were selected on Wednesday 22nd November.

    The 15 startups that would be undergoing the 9 month program including the 3-month accelerator in January are;

    Doctoora e-Health Ltd (Nigeria), DoLessons (Nigeria), Embinix Automation (Nigeria), Farm Fresh (Gambia), Genius Family (Senegal), Ghalani (Ghana), Insights Africa (Nigeria), Kitovu Technology Company (Nigeria), Mykolo (Nigeria), Placements Africa (Nigeria), PreDiagn (Nigeria), Print Anything (Nigeria), Social Lender (Nigeria), Slide Safe (Nigeria), Track Your Build (Sierra Leone)

    The 3-month accelerator program kicks off on January 11th with a two-day bootcamp. Use the #MakeIT2018 to follow the exciting journey of the 15 startups.

  4. CcHUB and European partners secure over 1.5M Euros to develop STEM Online Laboratories


    GO-GA Design Tuesday 14th November, 2017. Lagos, Nigeria. Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), Nigeria’s leading social innovation centre through its EdTech practice (re:learn) partners with 7 European and African countries to improve students’ participation in STEM subjects across Africa.

    GO-GA (Go-Lab Goes Africa) is a European Commission funded collaborative project under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Funding Scheme. GO-GA’s overall purpose is to accelerate the adoption of richer learning environments and improved learning outcomes in science and technology, through the deployment of contextually engaging digital Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in secondary schools across Africa. GO-GA will create an outreach for, and adapt the successful Go-Lab Ecosystem (consisting of and to the needs of teachers and students in Nigeria, Kenya, and Republic of Benin, with built in plans to scale across Africa.

    Go-Lab is a leading portal with carefully curated and tested content on science and technology for secondary schools supported by a strong community of teachers, instructors and online laboratories. Go-Lab (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School) opens up online science laboratories (remote and virtual labs) for the large-scale use in school education, encouraging young people aged from 13-18 to engage in science and engineering disciplines, acquire scientific inquiry skills, and experience the culture of doing science by undertaking active guided experimentation.

    “Despite the growing availability of technology resources in schools, there remains a disconnect between resources available and impact achieved, with reviews generally showing that input-based policies on their own are largely ineffective in increasing learning outcomes in the absence of complementary initiatives to improve accountability or pedagogy” says ‘Bosun Tijani, CEO, CcHUB. This can be linked to a lack of appropriate and engaging content to stimulate learning in STEM subjects, as well as appropriate know-how on the part of teachers.

    “It is therefore important that we shift focus of our education systems from primarily input-based policy towards policies that focus on learning outcomes and this is what has got us excited about GO-GA.” He further states.

    The GO-GA project beginning in January 2018, will address these challenges by adapting the Go-Lab ecosystem in schools across Africa. By adapting and localizing the existing Go-Lab portal, GO-GA will make available rich and engaging STEM content for students in secondary schools. This will be achieved by building on Teacher Communities, via the GO-GA inquiry spaces, further equipping teachers to deliver top-quality, engaging STEM education. This will involve the adaptation and localization of the existing Go-Lab platforms to suit the realities of African schools.

    “The international dimension of the European Commission funded Horizon 2020 programme supports innovation excellence and industrial competitiveness through collaboration between the best minds of Europe and partner countries all over the world. In that context, GO-GA will promote the mutual interests of EU and African partners by ensuring the global reach and adoption of an essential education technology development and market innovation. We are very excited by the prospects of the project!” Says Célia Gavaud Coordinator of GO-GA.

    GO-GA will be implemented by a consortium of reputable European and African partners in technology, education and teacher training networks across Africa. They include; École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), (Switzerland), University of Twente, UT (Netherlands), NUCLIO – Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia (Portugal), IMC Information Multimedia Communication AG (Germany), MITO Technology (Italy), ELimu Elearning Company Limited (Kenya) and EtriLabs (Benin Republic) with CcHUB’s re:learn providing technical leadership.

    The consortium will collaborate to adapt, validate, pilot and scale a contextually relevant portal across Africa to accelerate the creation of richer learning environments and outcomes. The project will also work with existing teacher training organisations and networks to create an “Educator’s Network” comprising of well-trained champions (Master Teachers) who not only deploy the materials in schools but also contribute to the creation of additional content and practices and mentor other teachers.

    About re:learn
    Re:learn is CcHUB’s EdTech practice whose goal is to help schools use technology in a smart way to enhance learning. Through content curation and capacity development – with a wide network of trained facilitators, our aim is to improve the learning experience in and out of the classroom.
    The re:learn centres are currently located in Abuja and Lagos. Visit for more information.

    About CcHUB
    CcHUB is a social innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. The technology hub is the first in Nigeria to serve as an Open Living Lab in which user-driven innovation is fully integrated in the co-creative process of new services, products and societal infrastructures. For more information, visit

  5. Truecaller LaunchEvent At CcHUB with Huge Developer Contest


    launch event banner 600x400

    Truecaller is coming to CcHUB on November 2nd for their big African launch event! With the tremendous growth Truecaller has had across Africa in the past two years, the team decided to open an office and expand into Africa!

    The event will consist of a fireside chat with Truecaller Chief Commercial Officer, Ted Nelson, Director of Communications, Kim Fai Kok, and Director and Head of Worldwide Developer and Startup Relations, Priyam Bose. They will be discussing the Truecaller story, their interest in the African startup scene, and their plans for expansion.

    The Truecaller app has already more than 50 million users in Africa, and is helping Africans block more than half a billion spam calls on a monthly basis in the region, and more than 50% of all messages being filtered is considered as spam. Recently, they have been nominated for “Best African App” for Apps Africa Innovation Awards, and AfricaCom for “Most Innovative Service.”

    In the excitement of launching their Developer Program, Truecaller has also taken up a challenge for Nigerian startups and developers to win $4,000 in Truecaller ad-spending by showcasing the most innovative way Truecaller SDK can be utilized in their app! See details below.

    To sign up for Truecaller’s launch event at CcHUB, please RSVP here by November 1st.

    Calling all developers to win big!

    On the launch of the Developer Program, we’re having a contest to find developers and startups that are showcasing the most innovative way Truecaller SDK can be utilized in their app. First prize consists of $4,000 in ads spending on the Truecaller platform. Second and third winner will win $2,000, and $1,000 in ads spending.

    What is Truecaller SDK?

    A phone number is much more than a way to connect — it’s an identity. Truecaller offers a unique tool, Truecaller SDK, for any app developer that wants to minimize the friction and complexity of getting new users on-board. No more One Time Password (OTP) verification or users dropping off. Truecaller SDK helps end users quickly and effortlessly utilize their Truecaller credentials to sign-up with one-touch to third-party apps with their phone number. Save your time and resources. Truecaller SDK will help drastically reduce costs, improve the overall quality of your community (no more spam accounts) and accelerate global user growth.

    Benefit for you: Save your time and resources and focus on your core product. Truecaller SDK is free to use, quick and easy to integrate, helps in drastically reduce your phone# based user verifications costs, improve the overall quality of your on boarded users (no more spam accounts). It enables to accelerate global user growth and help build more trust in your product!

    Who can apply for this contest?

    Professional Mobile App developers, digital/mobile startups having live published native apps on Android and iOS. Apps must be live in Africa, and developers/startups need to be a native of and headquartered in Africa.


    Step 1: Sign up here:
    Step 2: Create a mock-ups and proof of concept of how Truecaller SDK is being integrated into your service
    Step 3: Send mock-ups to with:

    • App Name
    • Brief description of your already published mobile app
    • Phone number of contact
    • Link to the live app on Google Play and/or Apple App Store
    • Enclose the design mockups with well-documented steps explaining the flow as an attachment


    Application deadline is Tuesday, 31st October 2017 at 11:59 pm Lagos time.


    For any inquiries or queries on creating Truecaller developer account, support, Truecaller SDK flow design mocks, integration documentation –please contact:

    Terms and Conditions

    The evaluation of entries will be based on reviewing your app as a product, the problem it is solving, the category it is serving, current scale, innovative use of Truecaller SDK in your app flow as submitted in design mocks, app store performance, etc.

    The judgement and declaring the winners will be at the sole discretion of Truecaller and CcHUB jury team based post the evaluation of entries.
    The winners will be mentored by Truecaller Developer Relations team on their app product and to also make/update their apps live on App Stores with Truecaller SDK integration on Android and/or iOS platform within 2 weeks of winning the contest. Once we have the winner announced, we will follow up directly with the winners to coordinate their advertising spend.