1. Announcing the CcHUB 2015 Summer of Code: Because Making Is Fun!


    Registration for the CcHUB 2015 Summer of Code has officially opened!

    In a few weeks, primary and secondary school students all over the country will begin the longest holiday in the academic calendar. With more free time than ever before, it’s a period where parents and guardians search for the best ways and programs to keep their kids actively engaged. If you’re a parent based in Lagos you need look no further – the CcHUB Summer of Code is back with a bang!

    The CcHUB Summer of Code is a 4-week summer programme;  one of our initiatives to raise a new generation of digital makers. Through the Summer of Code, kids will learn new skills and tools to express their creativity. The program culminates in a Demo Day which is a fun day where students proudly present projects they’ve built to their parents and invited guests.


    This year, our focus is on developing young makers. The maker-culture is a global movement which promotes the concept of learning through action, hence ‘making’. This transforms learning into a more interactive, more fun and more personalised experienced.

    We aim to develop our young makers by teaching them how to program computers. Computer programming is a tool, and a rather powerful one at that for bringing ideas to life. Regardless of their interests, kids will have an opportunity to share those ideas with the larger community. In addition, by learning to program young people also improve their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

    How It Works
    We meant it when we said we were back with a bang. This year we have three tracks crafted to suit the unique interests of your kids. You can sign your kids up to any of the tracks below or have them choose for themselves at the start of the program:

    • The RockStars: in addition to regular lessons, this track has been crafted specifically for kids to explore and develop their musical talents and abilities. With unique lessons and projects to work on you’re certain to bring out the inner rockstar in them.
    • The AniMakers: following the traditional track, this is for kids interested in learning how to make games and animations.
    • The HardWebbers: this is the most advanced track and is for teenagers interested in learning web and hardware programming.

    Taking on board the feedback from last year, we are introducing an option that allows much older kids and teenagers to get in on the action.

    Juniors: Kids aged 8-14 years
    Seniors: Teenagers aged 15-18 years

    Program Details:
    Start Date: 3rd August – 29th August 2015 (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)
    Venue: CcHUB MXLab, Ground Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba
    Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm

    To sign up your child fill out this form here. For more information about the Summer of Code, you can read up on 2014 highlights or email us at mxlab[at]

    Let’s work together to make this summer a super-exciting and memorable one!

  2. SLUSH 2015: Get Selected to attend a week long global impact accelerator program in November


    Do you run a start-up that directly addresses global development challenge? Do you want to attend a 1-week global accelerator program with 30 other impact start-ups with the opportunity of meeting top investors and the media? Apply HERE for the chance to be in Helsinki this November.

    Last November, three startups i.e. Truppr, Wecyclers and VacantBoards attended SLUSH 2014 through the Slush Emerging Markets Program. It was a fantastic experience that showcased the best of “Made in Lagos” innovations to the rest of the world.


    Impact Accelerator is co-organised with Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, UNICEF and other partners, including CcHUB in Nigeria. Impact Accelerator will help the next world changing founders to speed up their businesses through skills workshops, networking opportunities, meeting investors and potential partners, as well as through exposure before and in Slush conference. The program includes pre-event mentoring, local Helsinki boot camp program from 4th to 13th of November, 2015 culminating to Slush, and post-event support.


    Participants will receive; Helsinki boot camp program from 4th-13 th November, 2015: air tickets and accommodation covered for the duration of the program*; Conference pass to Slush; Opportunity to be featured in Slush within Slush Impact; Opportunity to attend and to be featured in UNICEF Innovation Summit; Networking and meeting opportunities with impact investors, NGOs, institutions, startups, media and other stakeholders; Skills workshops and capacity building; Industry specific matchmaking sessions.


    • Fill in short application form
    • Selected applicants will pitch their business at CcHUB on July 31, 2015 in front of a panel of local judges. The judges will shortlist 2-4 start-ups.
    • The 2-4 shortlisted start-ups will then fill in more in-depth application form and be contacted by the Selection Committee for an interview.
    • The Selection Committee will chose at least 1 start-up based on the application form and interview.


    • A great team that convinces they have the skills and drive to succeed
    • A business idea that has gained some traction, yet is still in early phase
    • A business concept that will have a measurable positive impact on people, society, or planet
    • Business concept must be highly scalable and have a strong technology focus
    • There are no limitations to in terms of sector or geographical focus.


    Slush is a technology conference for startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. In 2014, Slush brought together over 14.000 attendees and more than 3500 companies for the two-day event, with more than 750 investors. Next Slush will take place in Helsinki on November 11-12th, 2015. One of the key crosscutting themes of 2015 is “Slush Impact”: program for purpose driven startups that combine scalable business models with positive impact on the environment or society.

    Together with Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, UNICEF and other partners, including CcHUB in Nigeria, Slush features Impact Accelerator program for thirty world-changing impact entrepreneurs from all over the world. We are now looking for the next world-changing business ideas that directly addresses global development challenges.

  3. Mamalette Relaunch Press Release


    Mamalette launches its new web platform in Lagos

    Mamalette provides tools and resources that help Nigerian mothers and mothers-to-be connect with others going through similar experiences. Launched in late 2013, Mamalette is the #1 community for Nigerian mothers and the premier strategic marketing partner to brands that want to reach mothers in a rapidly changing digital environment.

    Mamalette reaches more than 40,000 unique visitors per month on and 150,000+ unique visitors per month on the Mamalette Facebook Page with 250,000+ weekly post clicks and 15,000+ weekly comments.

    The launch of the new platforms is part of Mamalette’s larger strategic initiative to provide quality content and tools that improve mums’ lives.  Mamalette is dedicated to improving mums’ lives by helping them make better decisions, form genuine connections, and take a well-deserved break.

    Mamalette research shows that approximately 45% percent of Nigerian mothers with access to the internet spend time browsing the internet on a daily basis with 25% browsing the internet for more than 3 hours a day.

    “The new website aligns perfectly with our commitment to improving mums’ lives,” explains Mamalette CEO, Anike Lawal.  ”We are excited to share our new platform with our audience to give them useful information and a place to connect on the topic of parenting.”

    With the support of the Co-creation Hub, Mamalette is enhancing the new site to make it even more helpful to users. The first major product improvement is creating a forum to allow mothers and mothers to get instant answers to their most pressing questions and making the site’s premium content easy to access. The site has also been optimized for mobile devices.

    Mamalette has also created products that will allow leading brands to join the consumer conversation, add value to mothers’ lives, and get members talking about sponsor brands in an authentic and viral way.

    “We are thrilled to have Mamalette in our start-up portfolio and look forward to us working together to continue to make Mamalette great,” says ‘Bosun Tijani, CEO of the Co-creation Hub. “We are certain that mothers that already know and rely on Mamalette will be equally thrilled with what lies ahead as we team with this strong Nigerian brand. With Mamalette’s impressive growth and dedication to building an authentic community and engaging content for mothers, we couldn’t imagine a better home for a community for mothers to grow and flourish.”

    “Mamalette is uniquely positioned to deliver this opportunity as an authority on mothers. I’m confident that we can create something that will add real value to the lives of millions of Nigerian mums.”


  4. Made in Lagos with love, Nigeria’s first Ride sharing platform launches


    On any given day moving around our beloved city, Lagos, can be frustrating, from traffic to unreliable commercial transport. With the addition of fuel scarcity, navigating the city has become unbearable. Despite waiting for ‘change’ we can ease our frustrations by joining JEKALO.

    Arriving just in time, JEKALO, is an online platform where you can share a ride with someone going along the same route as you. Whether you are a ride owner or a passenger, JEKALO is a convenient and affordable way to get home this evening, to your next meeting or for afterwork drinks.

    If you own a ride, you can earn rewards by offering rides and for the days you do not want to drive, you can always join someone else’s ride.

    Worried about your safety? We have that sorted! All members on JEKALO are verified and ride offers are screened before being published.

    For a certain period, starting today, The first 30 are FREE and for every successful ride, ride owners will get REWARDS such as, airtime, cash, fuel vouchers and more.

    After the promo period, fees for joining a ride will be calculated based on distance. The amazing thing is, the amount you pay on JEKALO is about the same price as using a commercial bus and cheaper than a taxi.

    Don’t wait any longer…. Share a ride on today and join the ride sharing revolution!

  5. Press Release: Grit Systems, Mamalette and Autobox Join Our Incubation program



    Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), Nigeria’s first social innovation centre based in Lagos, announced Monday that three (3) new ventures were admitted to its Incubation program. They will each receive seed funding ($15,000 – $25,000), mentoring, business development support and office space critical to their quest to find repeatable business models that can rapidly grow their business.

    They include CcHUB’s first Internet of things (iOT) venture, an online community for mothers & mothers-to-be and a platform for car owners to buy genuine auto parts & discover all things motoring.

    GRIT Systems develops web-enabled technology for controlling and gathering data about household & commercial electrical power consumption.

    Mamalette is a platform where Nigerian mothers and mothers-to-be interact to provide mutual support and community throughout the motherhood experience

    Autobox is a platform for car owners to discover & purchase genuine auto parts and find tips on everything motoring.

    Since inception in 2011, CcHUB has worked with over fifty (50) early stage ventures through its pre-incubation and incubation programs. Grit Systems, Mamalette and Autobox join a pool of exciting ventures in the portfolio including Traclist, Truppr, Wecyclers and Vacantboards. CcHUB in December 2014 graduated BudgIT, the first venture in its incubation portfolio.

    About Co-Creation Hub
    Co-Creation Hub ( is Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space designed as a multi-functional, multi-purpose space where work to catalyze creative social tech ventures take place. The HUB serves as a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors and hackers in and around Lagos to co-create new solutions to Nigeria’s social problems.